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MARIETTA A businessman who "had it all" with a successful career, a beautiful wife and two children found himself briefly behind bars Thursday on charges he used hidden cameras to spy on people.

According to the arrest warrant, on Jan. and again on Nov.

llicit videotaping at clubhouse

On Cushen's LinkedIn page, he claims to be a managing partner of a Best In Gold store, and the owner and president of an Atlanta Laser Weight Loss Center.

The entrance to the upscale subdivision with large brick archways sits across from the Marietta Country Club, in the heart of west Cobb on Stilesboro Road.

"I've got two little kids I'm trying to take care of. He has nothing to do with Jimmy John's, he's never worked in the stores or had a thing to do with the stores," other than being a silent partner, Hope Cushen said Friday.

"(Cushen) did covertly set up the recording device with the intention of capturing the act of the child for his sexual stimulation," the warrant stated.

"Because I'm young, I needed someone with equity to underwrite the loan for me, and in exchange I gave him a percentage of the business," Seth said. "Each one of us (Seth, Hope and Randy Cushen) owned a third of the business. I'm working right now to get his name off those loans."

Air Force 1 Shoes Orange

"Right now is a very difficult time for the Cushen family and the Cushen children and at this time no statement will be given other than Mrs. Cushen appreciates the efforts of Cobb County Police and appreciates the work of District Attorney Vic Reynolds, and we'll move forward from here," Morrison said.

Air Force 1 Shoes Orange

Air Force 1 Shoes Orange

Air Force 1 Shoes Orange

´╗┐Man charged with recording illicit images

Cushen took 21 photographs of another woman without her consent, which showed her nude, according to the warrant.

Police reported in the warrant that Cushen set up a hidden camera in a bathroom to video two other women, two men and two teenage girls while they were urinating.

Seth said he met the Cushens Air Force 1 Shoes Orange through a mutual friend.

Air Force 1 Shoes Orange

Before these clubhouse incidents, Cushen is accused of making similar video recordings in 2008 at his home at 2033 Point Grey Court. That address is listed on Air Force Red Shoes

She said she did not know her husband had set up hidden cameras to record people until after she had filed for divorce. She is seeking a temporary protective order from the courts, she said.

Seth, 25, said the Cushens had no involvement in the day to day operation of the restaurants, located in Acworth, Kennesaw and a third site outside of Cobb.

The pool has a curly slide starting on the top floor of the clubhouse, which is at the front of the subdivision and sits next to a playground and tennis courts.

Cushen is accused of setting up hidden Nike Air Force 180 Barkley

cameras that captured video of children, women and men in the pool area of a clubhouse and in the bathroom of his home at The Overlook, just south of Kennesaw in unincorporated Cobb County.

Most of the large two story homes at The Overlook are valued at $400,000 to half a million dollars, with brick and stone exteriors.

"I thought Randy was a totally different person than what we found Randy to be," Seth said. "He was your normal, successful guy at a young age. He had it all, he had money, a pretty wife, nice car, big house, kids. Who would have thought something like this was going on? Everyone is shocked. Look at Hope her husband of 10 years is not the person she thought he was all these years."

Cushen's business interests apparently go beyond the Jimmy John's restaurants.

Hope Cushen, a Marietta real estate agent, said she found disturbing images on her husband's computer several months ago, after she had filed for a divorce and the two had separated. She immediately notified police.

Seth, the estranged couple's business partner in the Jimmy John's venture, said police have been investigating Randy Cushen for six months. He said the revelation of the videos was a shock to everyone.

Air Force 1 Shoes Orange

Air Force 1 Shoes Orange

Air Force 1 Shoes Orange

William Randolph "Randy" Cushen III, 35, of west Cobb faces 18 counts of felony sexual exploitation Nike Air Force Amazon

Cushen and his wife, Hope Cushen, are silent partners in a group of three Jimmy John's restaurants, according to the managing partner, who asked that he be identified only by his first name, Seth.

Neither Randy Cushen nor his attorney, David Canale of Marietta, could be reached Friday.

"They would not give me one. I just left the courthouse and they won't help me," she said Friday afternoon. "I've been fighting a battle with that the whole time. I had a TPO at one time but it ran out."

Cushen's business license for KSU Enterprises LLC, the corporate name under which the three restaurants are operated.

Cushen's house, which sits on a quiet cul de sac overlooking Murrays Lake, was boarded up by white wooden shutters on the inside of the large windows. The doorbell had been removed and no one answered the door Friday afternoon.

Hope Cushen's attorney, Bill Morrison of Marietta, entered the room soon after Cushen started speaking with MDJ and asked her not to comment further.

Air Force 1 Shoes Orange

of a child and unlawful surveillance after police found illicit videos on his computer. and was released two hours later after posting a $40,000 bond, according to jail records.

Air Force 1 Shoes Orange

Air Force 1 Shoes Orange

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