Air Force Wheat Flax

Air Force Wheat Flax

You have issues with a business. Have a bad meal? Feel you were overcharged at the store? New car is a lemon? Contact the business directly with your customer service concerns.

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You called someone an idiot, a racist, a dope, a moron, etc. Please, no name calling or profanity (or veiled profanity $%^ rambled, failed to stay on topic or exhibited troll like behavior intended to hijack the discussion at hand.

Air Force Wheat Flax

Additionally, we see a strong potential for conflict (at least) and fraud (at worst). Picture this scenario: Workforce Services reps, who theoretically decided Flyknit Air Force 1 Multicolor

While initial estimates for providing lawmakers the coverage are estimated at less than $14,000 per year, this isn't the time to add perks to legislators' compensation package, particularly while they're in the middle of asking departments and employees to cut back. We're also convinced that if legislators seek coverage, other elected officials state Air Force Wheat Flax and local will follow. The expense for the public, therefore, would continue to increase. Again, terrible timing for a state looking to trim costs in all corners.

If your comment was not approved, perhaps.

Air Force Wheat Flax

yes or no on a legislator's workers' comp claim, testify before that same lawmaker about budget cuts. The system in place now doesn't have the checks and balances required to incorporate the legislators. Is the work needed to revise the current system worth the time and effort to accommodate the crowd in Cheyenne? Certainly there are other improvements to the program that could and should get that attention. If not workers' comp, then other programs and needs deserve the time.

Air Force Wheat Flax

Air Force Wheat Flax

Even if that were the case, do we want our elected officers' leading motivation for public service be the nuts and bolts of the benefits package?

In terms of an added incentive to run, we've never heard of a potential candidate walking away from the campaign trail because, "If I win, there won't be workers' comp coverage."

Air Force Wheat Flax

Thankfully, the Legislature's management council has given the idea of extending workers' compensation benefits to lawmakers the lowest possible priority. In other words, they might get to it. A big, fat maybe.

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´╗┐Management council right to let the workers' comp issue pass

Air Force Wheat Flax

than in the rest of the state. If citizens are indeed running the legislature, then the work portion of the compensation doesn't fit that description.

Senate President Tony Ross, R Cheyenne, is on the right side of this claim, telling the Star Tribune's Joan Barron he has "serious doubts" about how the program would work. Ross chairs the management council.

Air Force Wheat Flax

But that's what the Equality State Policy Center and League of Women Voters are asking the Wyoming Legislature to consider.

"It becomes very convoluted," he said. "We may look at it, but I think there are a lot of problems with it. Passionate views, Air Force 1 Pink And Blue

Air Force Wheat Flax

By themselves, the arguments in favor are soft at best.

Air Force Wheat Flax

Foremost, Wyoming's "citizen" Legislature needs to stop treating itself differently than its constituents, and adding workers' compensation would continue that legacy.

Rules for Wyoming's lawmakers public records and open carry for example are different Air Force Easter

The idea was the result of a bad fall by Rep. Stephen Watt, R Rock Springs, while attending a legislative function in Cheyenne. The ESPC heard about the slip and is pushing the issue based on the low cost, the need for a "positive" legislative experience and the idea that more people will run for office if workers' compensation were available.

Air Force Wheat Flax

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